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Oops, I Fielded again

Wedge Gallery, Woodbury University Burbank CA

Oops, I Fielded again, is an exercise of taking a 3-dimensional gallery and dissolving it into a 2 dimensional drawing. Inspired by the technique of trompe l’oeil used to create the illusion of space that is not there, we are taking and actual space/gallery that can be inhabited and turning it into a drawing. There will be two parts of the gallery: 1. Viewing area and 2. Viewed area. Those in the Viewed area will become part of the instillation and those in the viewing area will view the instillation.


The pattern used for Oops I did it again is one of a series of vacant patterns created for the thesis Field So Good, these patterns are vacant because they are without meaning, neither historic or an intended meaning, they are merely decoration. They are inspired by the lettering of tagging graffiti and the drop shadows used in the block letters of graffiti pieces. The instillation is installed in the sequence of a typical classical landscape painting: Foreground, Midground, and Background.

The people in the Viewed area are the midground.

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