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2018 Residential

Studio, lightly frosted

Studio, lightly frosted is a small studio for a screen writer/Director. The project is inspired by the secret garden vibe of the existing back yard. It is an attempt to build something that appears to always have been there. The back yard is made up of many levels and walls and archways. With this design we added a roof deck so the roof becomes part of the back yard and you can continue to experience the back yard as if the building were not there. There is a large skylight at the front of the building to bring in light in a natural way that will not overwhelm the space. This Project is in collaboration with Chris Skeens.

Photos by Taiyo Watanabe

Location:  Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA     

Type:  Writing studio

Building size:  220 sq. ft.

Lot size: 5,000 sq. ft.

Project type:  New Build