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2019 Commercial

Studio Temple

The Studio Temple is a renovation of a Synagogue turned into a Artist studio. The  building is located in the Jefferson Park Historic Neighborhood, so only the interior can be changed . The front of the building which consists of two stories has been transformed into a live work apartment, with a bathroom and kitchen on the first floor and a drawing studio/bedroom on the second floor.  The seating area has been divided into two large painting studios; one in front of the other connected by two symmetrical doorways on both sides of the wall. These painting studios are illuminated by the original stain-glass windows of the Synogogue and new floating lighting suspended on the bow-trusses.  Most of the original details; windows, doors, trim  have been restored .  The building is now a combination of Synagogue(old) and white box studio(new). This project is part of a larger 3 building complex. This is the building that is closest to completion.

Photo by Calvin Marcus