16 and Pregnant

2015 Gallery

16 and Pregnant The installation, 16 and Pregnant, was displayed at the One Night Stand LA Show in Los Angeles on May 16th, 2015 at the Holiday Lodge Motel in DTLA. The premise of the manifestation is the transformation/renovation of the motel room to make it bigger and more luxurious. The piece creates this renovation through a shifting sense of identity through architectural flesh and pictorial incongruity within the motel room where things collage into estranged identities. The operative strategy uses panoramic images of the motel room interior and projection of these images onto the same surfaces along with the weak forms placed around. The proposal highlights the interior corner and planar wall conditions, intersecting, reorienting and shuffling while de-bedding the seemingly familiar motel room, producing a fragmented experience. The concept proposes ‘building something without actually building it’ – which takes its context //the motel room// as the canvas and changes the reference points of its comfort zone to emphasize and remain in an in-stable condition. Exploiting the weakness of predictability, the focus is to create an interior system of representation which no longer forms a closed loop.

Los Angeles CA This Project was a collaboration with Duygun Inal as Typical Office for One Night Stand