3 Legged Bedroom

2021 Residential

3 Legged Bedroom 

3 Legged Bedroom is a Primary bedroom addition with an on suite bathroom  and a covered patio area underneath. The covered patio is adjacent to the back yard with the pool. This covered Patio creates a shaded area to escape the Los Angeles sun while also providing a direct interaction with the back yard. The legs of this bedroom lighten the mass and create ample accessibility to the back yard while also giving it a “Domestic Creature” feel. 3 Legged Bedroom has begun construction.

Location:  Gravanza, Los Angeles, CA     

Project type:  Renovation, Addition, & Hardscape design

Addition/Renovation  size: 1,029 sq. ft.

Finished Home size:  2,169 sq. ft.

Hardscape Design size: T.B.D.

Lot size: 8,337 sq. ft.


1154 N. Western Ave Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90029