CA High Speed Rail Station

2011 Studio

California High Speed Rail Station

The subject of this studio was the high-speed rail stations planned for California. The station I chose was the only station not situated inside an existing city. This station if it is built is to be located between three small towns. My design proposal provides activities for the locals and the people passing through town on the train. The program is separated into four floors: 1st floor; parking/drop off area and lake, 2nd floor: Train station, 3rd floor: farmers market, 4th floor: restaurants. There is also a hotel accessible from the top 3 floors. The lake and the farmers market are intended for the locals. The hotel and the restaurants are intended for the train travelers who decide to stop by for a night or just a meal. The program is stripped with local and tourist activities. This is an attempt to co-mingle the tourist and the locals. This project would provide an new area of activity for the locals and a new type of rural stop for tourist going from one metropolitan area to another.