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2016 Gallery

Desert Dessert 

Desert Dessert is a collaboration with Joel Henderson taking place at the Rivington Design House.  This project is the physical manifestation of an ongoing series of drawings that Ben Warwas has been doing for instagram  #thewarwas .  These drawings are an experiment in rapid production of collage. Each drawing involves the same shape drawn in sharpie onto a fashion magazine. Desert Dessert allowed Joel Henderson as the art director and the photographer to produce his own editorial fashion shoot and then large scale prints were produced and drawn over with sharpie.  The shoot took place in Joshua tree CA.  The Original artwork is available, please contact if interested.  Top image  Desert Dessert 30″ X 45″

Desert Ghost 12" X 18"
Are There snakes down there 22.5" x 34"
Is my ride here 16" x 24"
One size fits all 24" X 16"
We met online 12" X 18"
Opuntia Basilaris 45" X 30"
you've got 5 more minutes 12" X 18"
This goes so well with my top 22.5" X 34"
Whoops, wrong hole 12" X 18"
Woman seeking desert 22.5" X 43"
You've got me sucked in 16" X 24"

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