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2016 Commercial

Seagull Hair Salon Seagull hair salon is one of the oldest hair salons in New York City. This project was the return of Seagull to its original location on Christopher st. This is a 1665 sq. ft. interior project. The client asked to keep the charm and the sense of humor of the old salon. Using brick wall paper with fake arches cut out and pink scallops, all aspects of desire were reached.  Seagull Hair Salon 

Location:  New York, NY         

Type:  Hair & Nail Salon    

Project size:  1,600 sq. ft.  

Project type:  Renovation

Meredith Zinner
Photos by Brett Beyer
Photos by Brett Beyer
Meredith Zinner

1154 N. Western Ave Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90039