Shed, what shed?

2020 Residential

Shed, what shed?

Shed, what shed? is just that, a shed. The shed has a long history in backyard vernacular. It is a structure that is functionally needed for storage but visually unsightly. The shed also offers the unique opportunity to build a legal structure without permits. In most jurisdictions a 120 sq. ft. shed is allowed without permit. This particular shed is replacing a garage that is being replaced by an ADU. The desire of this shed is to provide enough workshop space for a jewelry studio, while also building a structure that has minimal personality. It is attempting to be seen but not noticed. Shed, what shed? is nearing the construction phase.


Location:  Pasadena, CA     

Type:  Shed

Building size:  120 sq. ft.

Lot size: 6,874 sq. ft.

Project type:  New Build
1154 N. Western Ave Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90029