South Pasadena Bungalow


South Pasadena Bungalow

South Pasadena Bungalow is the renovation and addition of a second story to a typical South Pasadena Bungalow. The original high pitch of the roof almost provided enough space for a second story. By adding two dormers at the front and the back we were able to add two apposing bedrooms. The staircase was placed directly in the middle of the house which was then added to the kitchen space to make for a central vertical space drawing light into the kitchen. This project is being designed in close collaboration with the client.

Location:  South Pasadena, CA         

Type:  Single Family House     

Building size:  1,886 sq. ft.  

Lot size: 7,197 sq. ft.

Project type:  Total Renovation & Second story addition
1154 N. Western Ave Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90029