The Fold House/ADU

2024 Residential

The Fold House

The Fold house is a 3 part project: 1: ADU/Art studio addition 2: House addition 3: Rear yard re-design. This project takes a complex corner lot with a small back yard and increases the size of the house and the Garage/studio while also merging the house and yard to create a more secluded rear yard area with a new facade. This new facade transforms the back yard into a hide away not visible from the street. The new rear yard experience is a complete transition from the classic vernacular house design.


Location:  Glassell Park, Los Angeles, CA

Project type:  House addition & ADU & Hardscape design

Addition/Renovation  size: 366 sq. ft.

Finished Home & ADU size: 1,911 sq. ft. 

Hardscape Design size: 745 sq. ft.

Lot size: 8,337 sq. ft.

1154 N. Western Ave Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90029