Tree D U

2022 Residential

Tree D. U.

The Tree D.U. is an ADU that has adjusted its form so the oak tree next to it can continue to grow and prosper. The ADU is designed as a 2nd home in the backyard, to used as a rec-room, and extra bedroom for visitors and also a play place for the kids. There is a lofted area over the bedroom that is the kids play-space. The garage below is set into the hill so the ADU can have direct access from the backyard. The large picture windows curate views toward the amazing view of the San Gabriel mountains. The Tree D.U. is the perfect escape from the home without leaving .

Location:  Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA
Type:  Ground up ADU with garage below
Building size:   ADU and Garage 675 sq. ft.
Hardscape Design size: 1,450 sq. ft.
Lot size: 13,425 sq. ft.
Project type:  ADU, garage & Yard work
1154 N. Western Ave Suite D
Los Angeles CA 90029